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81 words homosexuality in japan


A teacher at an elementary school in Warabi, Saitama Prefecture, has apologized after parents complained that he used a derogatory term for sexual minorities during class, the local board of education revealed Tuesday. According to Warabi City Board of Education officials, the incident took place on June 12 during 5th-grade social science class, when a male student was reading a text out loud as part of a class assignment, Sankei Shimbun reported.

81 words homosexuality in japan student pretended to speak like a girl while reading, which the teacher interrupted by saying, " Koko ni okama ga irunoka.

Dare da okama wa ," Do we have any gays here? The Japanese word "okama" the teacher used is a slang term for effeminate gays, transvestites or drag queens. The teacher and other school officials were aware that there is a an LGBT student in the class, board of education officials said.

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Nov 29th ThursHigashi Azabu, Tokyo. Interested in a career in education in Japan? Meet companies, network and maybe even secure a job offer! Insensitive to anyone who is different? I'm glad he apologized but even thinking of that statement needs more "study groups".

It's more likely the boy reading with girl voice was trying to make fun of the classmate with LGBT parent! I think teacher tried to stop it but actually made the things even worse. The monster parents strike again and make national news. This is obviously a case of a comment taken out of context and the monster parent just jumped on the phone.

I guess the teacher could have been a little more tactful in the delivery of such a comment as to not cause offense, but how can something as trivial as this make national news? I question the sexual preference of my 3rd grade junior high male students constantly, especially when they are grabbing at other boys' willies.

However, the kid in this case 81 words homosexuality in japan only ten or eleven years old, which does 81 words homosexuality in japan it a bad taste comment. He should keep such comments for his 'okama' mates at the pub.

There exist places where talking about gay people, in a way which implies that they are human beings with rights, attracts complaints and charges of "pushing a liberal agenda. I doesn't matter of there are no LGBT students in the class, you do not make bigoted comments like that. A 5th grader who is LBGT? At that age was more concerned with riding my bike and playing SNES. A male teacher sternly tells a kid off for being an idiot in class. I think his choice of words was poor, but it's hard to see how this is newsworthy.

Yeah, and that's going to solve everything, eh. If that were my kid being scolded, expect a 81 words homosexuality in japan, or the teacher exposed to the media. Interesting that LGBT is an adjective. I can't believe so many people are defending the parent for complaining and scolding the teacher.

I guess most of you are the younger oversensitive and 'politically correct' generation. One of my best mates that I grew up with is homosexual yes, I use that word because I don't even know what the hell LGBT stands for and we have been mates for getting on 40 years. His nickname is, 'fag' and has been for over 30 years. He has no problem with his sexuality or nickname, neither do I. I wonder how many of the poster's here are LGBT whatever 81 words homosexuality in japan means and how many are just up for a rant about something they know absolutely nothing about.

Why am I not surprised this occurred in Saitama? They need to get some ethics people in that prefecture in particular. And this teacher needs to be canned ASAP and his license taken away. The only people they seem to hold to standards lower than teachers when hiring are police and politicians. Pay the money, pass the rote tests, and you're in. Apologies from the relevant agencies come after the finger-pointing.

You know why your friend took that nickname? Because it was shouted at him for over 30 years and 81 words homosexuality in japan of letting 81 words homosexuality in japan hateful word hold power over him and beat him, he stood up tall, laughed at it and showed he won't be ruled over by it.

Your friend shows real strength and courage. Instead of being proud to not know what kids are going through today and living in the modern world, why want 81 words homosexuality in japan to 81 words homosexuality in japan yourself on what LGBT means.

It's like hearing those stories of an old white man saying, my black friend laughed when we called him the N word, heck, I don't even know what Civil Rights means.

Sheesh, is political correctness now arriving in Japan? Until now, this place was blissfully free of that nonsense. Dare da okama wa ," Are they trying to push an agenda 81 words homosexuality in japan their child? At that age kids are just kids. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: You probably shouldn't be working with children if you think that kind of behavior is appropriate.

Not just the teacher's, but also your own. Did the teacher know there was a gay student in the class? If so, I think that's significantly worse as it's deliberately malicious. If not, it's still a stupid comment to say to students but maybe unintentional.

I was wondering about that. Are people aware of their sexuality in 5th Grade? I honestly can't remember, but I think I was just becoming aware of it. Whether there was a gay student or not in the classroom is imo irrelevant. Suspect the offensive kid's grades may suffer a bit. Passive aggressive tendencies will kick in. Many educators are the ones that accually need the educating. In this day and age discrimnation just 81 words homosexuality in japan cut it.

If, in this day and age, it is OK to be LGBT, the child who was offended should feel happy that there was another person in "their" group, not offended.

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Actually, you obviously missed the whole point: Actually, it sounds like the student was mocking another student, and the teacher endorsed his budding homophobia instead of teaching that it is wrong. Look he probably shouldn't have said that. But don't justify the LGBT life style. Why don't you come to Saitama meet me and my family. According to you we are all unethical just because we happen to live in Saitama.

Maybe you could teach us 'ethics' from your 'superior moral high ground'. Would you be so inclined? A 5th grader who knows they are gay? I'll believe that when the alien from Venus makes me a sandwich. At that age, they're more focused on being kids. They don't even know about feelings. As a matter of fact, I did, 81 words homosexuality in japan I knew little to nothing about homosexuality to contrast my feelings with.

I just knew I was interested in girls. And don't knock the aliens from Venus -- they make Hatoyama's wife sandwiches all the time. But again, you guys questioning the kid's sexuality are missing the real point -- that a teacher abused his power and insulted 81 words homosexuality in japan group of people, aiming his insensitivity and poor judgement at a child because he disagrees 81 words homosexuality in japan homosexuality.

Let me correct that for you. There is no such thing as an "LGBT comment". The word you need is homophobic. Although it also seems to me that perhaps the teacher's comments were taken out of context here, hope that Japan can become a socially intelligent nation is fading more and more each day.

In other words, the Japanese...

Frankly, I see appalling behavior and social attitudes daily here. LGBT's are widely categorized as entertainment or something to be mocked, 81 words homosexuality in japan like foreigners.

Just look at the daily portrayals of guys dressing up in drag or 81 words homosexuality in japan for their comedy routines on the TV. I don't understand the subtleties in the use of language here, so what is "okama" equivalent to; gay, queer, queen, faggot, bender, fairy etc. Every gay I've ever known has used every "bad" gay word to describe themselves and other gays, usually decorated with colorful expletives.

I understand it's the same in Japan with okama. And, for the record, one individual cannot be "LGBT" because it require at least two sexes. I never got how lesbians were not "Gay". I understand that strictly speaking it means a feminine man or transvestite a man who dresses up and acts like a woman. Another interesting one is okoge, which is a word for those who prefer the company of homosexuals, literally "the rice that sticks to the pot" kama, hence o-kama.

Does Japanese have polite "technical" words for all the various? Why is using them more "polite" than using informal ones; e. In English we have Latin derivatives but they made the condition sound more like a disease than the informal 81 words homosexuality in japan that are used by the individuals themselves. Glad the teacher was disciplined, no excuse for a teacher behaving like that.

INDEX WORDS: Prejudice, Homosexuality, Japan, Comparative Study.

This paper traces changes in...

Table 9a. The OLS Regression of the Attitudes toward Lesbians. In other words, the Japanese home is the locus of homophobia (Tamagawa, The first Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival was held in Shakaigaku Ronkō; [Sociological Reflections], 24, 61– Being gay in Japan is not as tolerated as it is in some Western cultures present study explored gay bilingual Japanese individuals' abilities to produce words.

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